Enjoy shopping with little ones at a relaxed and leisurely pace

The Baby Lounge at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi


Shopping with babies can involve various challenges.

We would like to let you know about our baby lounge designed for parents and caregivers who wish to enjoy a much-awaited shopping trip with their children.


The baby lounge features a striking geometric pattern of polka dots that is certain to catch the eye of highly inquisitive babies and children.

There are four spaces within the lounge: (1) a space to rest and relax, (2) a space for changing diapers, (3) a space for preparing formula and baby food, and (4) a nursing room.

(1) Rest space

In the rest space are sofas where customers can relax and have something to eat. Baby chairs for babies and toddlers are also provided.






(2) Diaper changing space

There are a total of four diaper changing tables and ample space for parking a stroller, along with plenty of shelving and shoe storage. A washbasin and disinfectant are also available, so customers can rest assured that the space is hygienically clean.

There is also a raised platform where older children can change their clothes.







(3) Formula and baby food preparation space

A dedicated hot water dispenser for making formula is fitted with a clear door to prevent burns, while allowing a user to clearly see the bottle fill amount. The user guide for the dispenser is provided in four languages (Chinese, Korean, English, and Japanese).


–How to Use–

1. Open the clear door and place the formula bottle in the center of the tray.

2. Close the door, then press the hot water button.

3. Please take care to prevent burns when removing the bottle by wrapping it in a cloth or similar (set temperature: 70–80°C).


We have also provided a microwave, so customers are very welcome to heat up baby food and lunch boxes.




(4) Nursing room

The nursing room is a private, sectioned-off room with men prohibited from entering.

Inside the nursing room are two smaller rooms sectioned off by a curtain, as well as a sofa, allowing three people to nurse at one time.








We hope you will use this baby lounge when you visit the store with your little ones.