On Nihombashi Mitsukoshi New Building 6F/7F

 ‘BicCamera Nihombashi Mitsukoshi’ Opened


In February of 2020, BicCamera Nihombashi Mitsukoshi opened as a “home appliance shop with a new style,” combining Mitsukoshi’s excellent hospitality with BicCamera’s high level of expertise in home appliances to provide a personalized experience for each of our customers. Since September 2020, the store has been expanded to two floors—6F and 7F of the New Building.



A lounge has been set up with sofas and tables where customers can try out large-screen TVs and high-end audio equipment. Moreover, the latest and trending home appliances, seasonal items, beauty tools, cameras, and other items are also available.

We provide a comfortable space where our customers can relax.




In addition, we have strived to create a useful store for customers, not only by introducing toys and fitness devices, but also by adding a wider variety of products such as refrigerators and washing machines, in response to our customers' request.



Our specialized staff, home appliance concierge, works in conjunction with stylists at Mitsukoshi to meet the needs of customers, focusing on luxury items such as models exclusive to department stores.