Newly Opened Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store  After Renovation

The 6th floor of the main building has opened after being renovated.


 New “Jewelry Gallery" Is Opened After Renovation

The concept is "THE GALLERY."

In addition to providing a range of carefully selected jewelry brands from Japan and overseas, this time, we have set up the new “GEM GARDEN” to be easily accessible to our viewers, so you can admire the products the way you would like to. We’ve made the experience similar to observing a piece of art at a museum or an art gallery, with a wide range of products available for each gem material, including; diamonds, pearls, and various colored stones.

We also have areas where our staff can serve you at the side or take time to talk with you so that all our customers can have a memorable time here at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi.


New “Watch Gallery" Is Opened After Renovation



A watch gallery that has evolved into a gallery.
Share the expression and creative workmanship of the watches, see the value they hold, and enjoy them, just like you would a piece of art.

The new watch gallery is reborn into a gallery where our customers become the protagonist in the story. We offer a priceless encounter with our watches, where you can look around and observe any watch as you please.

We have prepared an impressive lineup of watches, with the perfect environment suited for watch lovers to go with them. We offer watches from over 50 brands available, including prestigious, independent, and casual brands from Japan and overseas.





The “Art Gallery” on the 6th floor of the main building is newly opened as “Nihombashi Art Place.” The art floor has been renovated and rebranded to offer exemplary services that cover a wide range of genres, from authentic to contemporary styles and more.      

Mitsukoshi art department with a proud history of over 110 years has always introduced innovative artists who lead the era.  The new “MITSUKOSHI CONTEMPORARY GALLERY” created as a new space for beauty will continue to introduce diverse artists, who are not bound to conventional values or preconceptions.




New “Tea Ceremony Utensils” Is Opened After Renovation



Tea ceremonies have always expressed the true heart of hospitality, and that’s what The Tea Ceremony Utensil Salon hopes to continue.

In our bid to always welcome our customers with a sincere spirit of hospitality, the Tea Ceremony Utensil Salon has been reborn to pass on this priceless Japanese culture to the next generation in its original form.  

We will continue to strive to be a salon with a rich lineup of tea ceremony utensils, hanging scrolls, and other necessary tools that are perfect for every tea occasion.

Also, a new area has opened, where you can always observe the work of Senke Jisshoku, the ten artisans of the Sen Family, who are the best of the tea ceremony crafts.