The Ginza Chandelier Is Here


Embracing all the cultures of the world,

Ginza is a city that has dazzled and added new brilliance.

From now on and always, Ginza will be a stage

where joyous memories are spun, filled with dreams and aspirations.

With that wish, the Ginza 4-Chome crossing welcomes

the façade of light, Ginza Chandelier.

It marks the entrance, the beginning of the stories of people who gather in Ginza.

Gloriously illuminating encounters, gently glowing in memories.

A new symbol of the city embellishes the Ginza of today.


*The Chandelier is scheduled to be lit up from November.


*Do not use without permission

                                                                                        April 10th, 1930




*Do not use without permission.

                                                                                    September 24th, 1958




*Do not use without permission.

                                                                                   November 13th, 1984